Q & A

Following are real clients questions before they bought our point of sale system:

Question 1

Hello, I’m interested in this item and have a few questions.
For the POS system is there any additional fees I will have to pay in the future? Such as certificates renewal, updates, etc...

A- No additional fees are required it is a full system. It also includes a full license.


Is the internet required to run the POS system?

A- NO internet is required software runs on Windows operating system which is already installed. RetailPOZ

Is there a manual, instructions or training available to learn more about the POS? 

A- We will send you a small guide to help you install the system. And we provide full tutorials on our website, over the phone tech support plus 24 /7 email support.


I need this for a small business (perfume store) Basically I just need a pos system that will allow me to keep track of inventory, process sales and refunds/returns and create my own discounts such as weekly promos, BOGOs, etc...

A- You will be able to do all that! check our features section for more details on reports, inventory management, discounts and so on. RetailPOZ

Question: 2

Does the pos system come with software?

A- Yes, the software is included. RetailPOZ

And any monthly fee?

A- There are no monthly fees. The software is installed with a full license. RetailPOZ

 Question: 3

How do you create a new barcode for a product that doesn’t have one?

A- Please go to our Contact Us section our support team will guide you. RetailPOZ

Question: 4

Will this computer also print out upc for products that do not have them? Or do I need to purchase one

A- The system will allow you to create labels with products ID numbers but these are not UPC since UPC require a special license for each code. But you can still use our id numbers to scan products and manage your inventory. RetailPOZ

 Question 5

I'm looking for a system that will print barcodes and track inventory as well as act as a cash register

A- Yes, this system will print barcode numbers and it will also act as a cash register so you can manage your inventory. RetailPOZ

 Question 6

How often i have to update software?

A- We update the software about once a year once we have enough data available to bring new features. RetailPOZ

Also, the monitor is a touchscreen?

A- We have both monitors available, either a 15-inch touchscreen or a 19-inch regular monitor. Please make sure you read the description so you select the one you need. Thank you RetailPOZ

Does it come with customers pole display?

A- We have some systems that come with a pole display, please read the description to find out if it does, we can also add for an extra a pole display if needed. RetailPOZ

What is the warranty for the whole system?

A- We offer a 3-month warranty on all items. RetailPOZ


Question 7

Kindly confirm if the all in one POS is compatible with QUICKBOOKS. 

A- Our system has its own reports and managing system it is not compatible with Quickbooks it might be in the future. RetailPOZ

Question 8

Hi, I am opening a clothing store, would this pos works for a clothing store and also are you selling it with the pos cd in case something happened and get uninstalled.

A- In fact, this POS is great for a clothing store. It has all the features needed.

Yes, we can provide you with a CD for backup.

Thank you RetailPOZ

Question 9

Can I see a demo of the POS software?

A- Sure, visit our Videos sections so you can see a quick of the software. RetailPOZ

Question 10

Do you offer pick up or delivery only?

A- Delivery only. No pickups available. RetailPOZ

Question 11

Hello, is the touch screen a monitor that sits on top of the cash drawer or desk?

A- You can get a touchscreen or a regular monitor. RetailPOZ

 Question 12

I'm looking for an inventory Control system using barcode and I like one of your items.
What does Canada mean in the description?

I need a wireless scanner but not a cash register.
I would prefer some software that works with Quickbooks but it's not a requirement. 

What can you recommend?
Thank you.


Hello, Thank you for your interest,
Our software is not compatible with Quickbooks, it is a stand-alone system.
If you need just the barcode scanner, the thermal printer, and software included 
The total the price is $225 


Question 13

 Is the pos all ready install or I have to install it?

A- The system comes ready to use from the box. You need to connect items and configure accessories, a guide is provided. We also have tutorials. RetailPOZ

 Question 14

Hi, is your POS software has the capability of listing all items to sell in a convenient store and you can program or input the cost of the items as well as the selling price and when you scan an item sold it will show on your screen or computer monitor the quantity of item sold, the selling price and if the customer has a change it will also show on the screen?

A- Yes, the software can do all that and more please refer to our features page for more details. RetailPOZ

Question 15

Can this be upgraded to a touchscreen?

A- Sure, you can select one of our systems that includes a 15-inch touchscreen.


 Question 16

I need it for a liquor store.

does it come with a  scanner?

do you program the system or do you show me how?is there a manual?

A- This is perfect for a liquor store, we actually sold many units to liquor stores and they are really happy with our system.

Yes, the barcode scanner is included. RetailPOZ

 Question 17

You pos software able to use scan data for RJR, Phillip Morris, Usstc.

A- Yes you can use it, scan with the barcode scanner. RetailPOZ

Question 18

I own a small Liquor Store we handle approximately 400 items and I think we need two (2) POS stations. I need to upgrade and I'm not in any way computer literate, Question is: can I hook 2 of these POS systems together (maybe with a server), or some other way. I have two new computers and a server, with one has Windows 7 and the other has Windows 10. Does your Software do what I call an X and Z checkout at the end of the day, can I connect remotely, and I use Quick Books pro as the financial software. Do you think this POS would be a good fit for my store?

A- Yes, you can connect two of our systems or more. Quickbooks is not supported but we have many reports, export, and import data. RetailPOZ

 Question 19

It's come with touch screen and scanner ?

if not, how to enter amount on system?

A-  You can select one of our touchscreen system that comes with a barcode scanner. RetailPOZ

 Question 20

Hi, i have received all the items. now I can't retrieve the software on my laptop. when I plug in the USB it doesn't show up on my computer. And I have a question do you have a touchscreen with a credit card reader?

A- Try to use another USB port and also re-start your laptop, if you still have issues contact us a tech will work with you to help you fix the issue. Yes, we do have touchscreens and also credit card readers and we can even refer you to our 3rd party credit card processor. RetailPOZ

 Question 21

Good evening, I'm interested in the product. I see your screenshots, however, do you have a DEMO of the product that I can review the process, please. I would greatly appreciate it as soon as possible. Thank you.

A-Thank you for your interest, Please refer to our Videos section where you can see the system in action also the system you are looking at comes with a Laptop, Software installed and all the accessories needed to run the POS software, we also give 24 /7 technical support over email and phone support if required. RetailPOZ

 Question 22


 A- Hello, we are glad you got the product, please check your welcome email should have the link to download the software if you still have issues please contact us so our tech can install software for you. If you require we can also send you a hard copy of the software please let us know.

Thank you for your purchase. RetailPOZ

 Question 23

I didn't get the CD for the software I need the software I got all the packages but no cd please get back to me because I need to install the software
I only got a cd for manuals and printer?

A- Thank you for your purchase, we are glad you got all the items as per the software here is the link to download our software and if you require a hard copy we can ship you a hard copy as well. Our tech support is available if any help is needed. RetailPOZ

 Question 24

So there is no monthly license $, ie it will work from this point? Please confirm!
Also what company do I sign in for credit card processing? And if it’s your company- what do you take per transaction and if there is any monthly fee to process payments?

A- Correct, there are no extra fees or license to pay. Also if you require a credit card processing deal let us know we will refer you to our 3rd party credit card processor that has great deals. RetailPOZ

 Question 25

Do you pre-program the unit for our industry or do we have to program it?

A- We have 3 programs, Salon, Retail and Restaurant. Retail includes all industries that sell items including vape shops, bicycle shops, clothing shops etc.


Question 26

Is this perfect for a small business/ grocery store? What are the features of the software? Does it generate reports? Does it control and count inventory?

A- Yes it is done for any retail store that sells items, you will be able to control your inventory, do reports etc please refer to our Features section. 


 Question 27

I would like to update my register to this one, it would be used at a convenience store. Right now I'm using an old Cash register and if someone pays with credit card, I use Square along with my cell phone. I would like to know if I can use Square with this system all in one without relying on my phone? I also would like to make sure that I do not need to sign a contract in order for the equipment to function

A- Hello, Thank you for your interest on our product, yes you can use Square if you wish to process credit card payments, we can also refer you to our 3rd party credit card processor. You do not need a phone to use our system and you do not need the internet since the software is locally installed. This system is great for a convenience store, buy with confidence. We also offer free technical support. And 24/7 email support. RetailPOZ

Question 28

Are these complete with software?
Or only the hardware?

A- These systems are all in one, you get the hardware and the pos software as well. RetailPOZ

 Question 29

What is your best complete system for a convenience store with interact?

A- You can select our most popular system, that includes 1 x PC, 1 x 19-inch monitor, 1 x cash drawer, 1 x barcode scanner, 1 x thermal printer, 1 x mouse, 1 x keyboard and all the cables. We can then refer you to our 3rd party credit card processor that will do the rest for you. RetailPOZ


Question 30

Do you possibly sell just the software? I have all the pieces for my system just interested in the software. I run a small convenience store and that program looks like it would work great.

A- Yes, we do here a discount code for you to buy it. It will be a hard copy with free shipping. RetailPOZ

Question 31

Is it a registered copy

A- Yes, it is. Actually, you will receive a hard copy. RetailPOZ

 Question 32

 Is it possible to get the salon version SOFTWARE? 

A- Yes, off course, we will gladly send you the Salon version. RetailPOZ

Question 33

I’m a spa owner and I’m wondering if this machine is user-friendly. Is it easy to program? 

Why What is in the Box does not mention:

1 x Wireless Barcode Scanner, Handheld Laser With Stand Bar Code Scanner Automatic Sensing Scan 
1 x 58 MM USB Thermal Receipt POS Printer USB for Home Business Support Cash Drawer ESC/POS
1 x Cash Register Drawer for Point of Sale (POS) System with Removable Coin Tray, 5 Bill/6 Coin, 24V, RJ11/RJ12 Key-Lock, Media Slot, check and bills hole.
1 x POS Software Full License Included

B. Does it have Credit card swiper too?
C. If it is used, all the old data has been wiped out?
D. Does it have Manual?
A- Yes, it is user-friendly please see our features and tutorials.

Card swiper is not included we send you one for extra. These units are freshly re-installed ready to use. Yes, we have a guide, tutorials, blog and feature pages.


Question 33

How long does it take to receive items and where are you shipping from?
Can we import items into the software from an excel file?

A- We ship from NY and it usually takes between 5-10 business days depending on where you are but if you require rush orders let us know in advance. As per excel import/export, yes you can do it please check below for more details or go to our features page. Thanks



Question 34

Is this POS software capable of outputting suggested items to be ordered (based on inventory set level)?

A- Yes you can manage your inventory and your stock level that you need to order, please check our features page.


 Question 35

Can the software be installed on multiple computers or is it a one time key?

A- Yes, it can, you can set many computers on a network and use the software. We provide you with the CD so you can install it on other computers. RetailPOZ

 Question 36

And do you sell the hardware separately? And paper and ink refills?

A- Yes, we can. We can also sell you paper rolls check our catalog or click on shop. As per ink refills, please note the printer is a thermal printer so no ink is necessary. RetailPOZ

Question 37

In the barcode scanner page of this software. I didn't see where there was a link from the scanned UPC number to a product listing. Is there such a thing so when scanned the product and price will come up as a line item in the sale?

A- Yes, we have that feature, you can scan the products and enter them on the ADD product section. Once you enter all the item info you can then scan the item and it will have the description and the price. RetailPOZ

 Question 38

Does your pos system work for a clothing store?

A- Yes, sure many of our clients have clothing stores. RetailPOZ

Q- Does the software allow you to create barcode/price tags?

A- Yes, you can create labels and barcodes to manage your inventory. RetailPOZ

Question 39

Ok, the system looks great... do you have any way of allowing us to try out the pos program? do you have touch monitors you can change to if I want a touch monitor? so, without the touch monitor, the pos program is used using the mouse? and function keys?

A- We have videos and tutorials if you want to see the software features please visit our feature page. Yes, if you add $50 we can send a 15 inch Touch Screen.  You can also use a keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner when not using a touchscreen monitor. RetailPOZ

 Question 40

I am really interested in this POS system. How can I see and look at the software before buying? I have several liquidation stores and want to change from cash registers to computer-based. I really liked the software that I can see in your pictures. How do I learn more?

 A- Please check our features page, tutorial page, and videos page so you can have a sense of the pos software. RetailPOZ

Question 41

I have a small restaurant can I put my menu?


Do you have a customer service phone number?


It’s coming with Caller-ID?

A- Yes, if the client is on your database. We offer email support 24/7. Also, we can have one of our technician contacts you if you have issues with the system.


Question 42

I see you have a couple different systems can you advise me with one good for a small restaurant 

A- If you go to our Home page you will see the Restaurant Version system that includes, 15-inch touchscreen, PC, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and thermal printer. That is the most popular for Restaurants and bars. RetailPOZ

 Question 43

What kind of warranty comes with it? What does the warranty cover?

A- We offer a 3 months warranty on all items, if items are faulty we exchange them for free, you just pay the shipping. RetailPOZ